I am so happy to be back on Tour with y’all! “The Tour Walkie Talkie Style” has started! THANK-YOU all for kindness & support during a really tough time. Just a friendly reminder please call me before you book we have a few other options if you do not have access to a vehicle. Its been a beautiful Spring here on island. Lots of flowers! We have seen many island treasure and enjoyed all the sunshine we can handle. With a few rain showers and rainbows in between. Things are different on island right now. Some restaurants have closed and new ones are trying to get ready to open for the season. The island is  not opened 100% as of today June 11th 2021. Please look at these website for help with your visit. www.visitsanjuans.com  and sanjuanisland.org


Hope to see you soon on Tour 🙂 JulieC