This week started with Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day Everyone!  I had a great dad. He worked for Boeing for 43 yrs. Loved us, made us laugh and always worked hard to provide for us. He always said, he wanted to give his kids more than he ever had. He was true to his word. He’s been with the Lord for 4 yrs and I miss him every day!
June 22nd has always been a double amazing day for me!Deer Brothers 1280x434
Its my oldest son’s birthday. He was so much fun to raise and he has become this a wonderful man, great father of 4 and a loving husband. A few years ago he called me and told me about his job review/evaluation he just had with his boss and a few other bigger bosses. They were reviewing his employment and fellow employees comments and they asked him why he is so positive and friendly to people? They told him even when he had to write someone up, people we commenting on how fair and honest he was. Then my 37 year old son said to me “Mom I told them, You have never met my mom… it is all from my mom. She is so positive and kind and friendly and always see’s the best in people. Her and my dad taught me to always treat people the way you want to be treated and be fair. ” Like I said this son is exceptional! And his birthday just happens to be the day of the Summer Solstice June 22nd. When you watch nature and  Orca whales like I do you, know that the day here on San Juan Island is a west-side shuffle day!!! So grab your gear and head to your favorite rock for whale waiting you hope to turn into whale watching! and taking pictures! Talk to you soon xoxoaug 2010 125