"The Tour" San Juan Island Walkie Talkie Tour 

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"The Tour" San Juan Island, land based wildlife tours with Julie Corey. You can expect to see some of our island gems including: Orca whales, eagles, foxes, seals, beaches, parks, forests, rolling farmland, rugged coast lines, lighthouses, islands, sea side villages, National Historic Parks, sheep & cows, Madrona & Cedar trees, lakes, aplacas, Great Herons, marinas, shore birds, song birds, working farms, a vineyard and so much, more!


Are you looking for a fantastic land based tour on San Juan Island? You have found it!!

The Tour 2021 Walkie Talkie Style!

Let’s stay safe and have fun!

This is the same tour I have offered for 5 years, it is still the fun filled four hour drive around San Juan Island.

We drive, we talk and walk and adventure all around the island to the best places to see all the island has to offer. 

We leave from downtown Friday Harbor and head to some of the best places on the island to see Orca, Eagles, Fox and the islands flora and fauna.

Did I forget to mention the beaches and parks the Lighthouses and farmlands? A beautiful private tour is in store!

With lots of fun history facts and great local folklore. We will have you talking Dorca (language of Orca Lover’s) real soon!

On "The Tour" we will be stopping at different island locations for exploring, learning, walking or sitting, talking and of course, have your cameras at the ready because we always stop for the perfect photo op!


If you drive your car to the island and have booked your tour, I will contact you and we set time and place to meet and exchange walkie talkies and go on The Walkie Talkie Tour!

Or if  you plan on walking on the ferry, maybe for just a day, no problem you can rent a car at  M&W Auto  www.sanjuanauto.com on the day of the tour I meet you at M&W and exchange walkie talkies and go on The Walkie Talkie Tour!

Then our adventure begins! We get into our cars, and we drive around the island talking on the walkie-talkies! My tours are fun, informative, educational, and you never know what we will see. We still go to all the places I took people on tour before Covid-19; we will still stop and get out of our cars and talk and walk around together. Have an entertaining, fun tour!

We do not share a vehicle. I have tested this several times, and it works so well!! It’s fun!

Does this sound like fun to you and your group? Book a tour this year for a fun island adventure!

I require all my guests to wear a facemask when we are out in public. I have to keep my small island community safe as well as my guests and family.


Memorial Park - Friday Harbor, WA 98250, United States

"The Tour" is 4 fun hours long and departs from many locations on island.  Our tour starts at 10:am from a convenient pre determined  Friday Harbor location. We will see many sights and places along the way. Some days might include  Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor, Westcott Bay, San Juan County Park, Lime Kiln State Park, False Bay, South Beach, Cattle Point Light House, Lavender Farm, our local Alpaca Farm and many other local favorites!

  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Water bottle
  • Snack food (or not) some of our stops have food for sale and lunch available
  • Your Smile!

M&W Auto Sales and Rentals
725 Spring Street Friday Harbor WA 98250 

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